Monday, January 04, 2010

Read in 2009 - Part 2, Fiction

See also Read in 2009 - Part 1, Nonfiction and 2008 Book Blogging Roundup.

Here's the list (taxonomy mine). Looks like I read more than twice as much fiction (92 volumes) as nonfiction (40 volumes). Probably because it goes faster. If you're interested in what I thought on any of these, copy the titles/authors into the search engine, upper right.


Mysteries, More or Less

“Christian” Fiction

Kid Lit

Science Fiction

Other Novels

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Megan Noel said...

i loved Lincoln's Dreams. The Beatrix Potter mysteries got too cute for me -- and that's saying something. Also, did you know that Anne Perry not only has the honor of being a murder mystery writer, she was also convincted of murder as a teenager (under her birth name. not hard to imagine why she changed her name when she was released from prison) read about it on wikipedia.