Thursday, January 01, 2009

2008 Book Blogging Roundup, for the archives

I read for many different reasons. Sometimes for simple pleasure, to relax, or to pass the time while traveling (which I do a lot) or exercising (which I do a little!). Sometimes I read for professional and personal development. Sometimes I read just because someone gives me a book and suggests I read it. And yeah, I’m one of those women who reads more fiction than anything else. So, I’ve sorted the list by genre (by my own rough taxonomy) so you can ignore the kind of books in which you have little interest.

Here are the titles and authors I blogged about or at least mentioned reading in 2008. In most cases the links go to The easiest way to see what I said about the work, use the search engine, upper right. I’ll put stars by the one or more in each category I’d call “best in show.”

Nonfiction – History

Nonfiction – Theology/Christian Life

Nonfiction Christian/Mission Biographies

Nonfiction – Other Biographies

Nonfiction – Christian/Missions, Misc.

Nonfiction – Miscellaneous

Fiction – Science Fiction

Fiction – Children’s and Young Adult Fiction

Fiction – Mysteries, More or Less

Fiction – Classics

Fiction – Miscellaneous

Fiction – “Christian” Fiction

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