Friday, January 01, 2010

December Reading: Miriam Adeney's Survey of Global Christianity

Note: Before I give you the rest of my 2009 roundup I thought I'd post my December book notes. Was going to publish them in one post. But when I reached 2000 words, realized it might be more helpful to publish in smaller pieces. So here’s the first. Come back soon for more. Well, if you're interested.

Kingdom Without Borders: The Untold Story of Global Christianity, by Miriam Adeney – I’d been lusting after this book ever since I heard about it, but purchasing it would have been a work-related expense and my account with Pioneers is in the red. So I hoped it would sort of come to me and I wouldn’t have to buy it! Then one day, to my delight, Mike, who works for the other agency in our building, stopped me coming up the stairs: “Can you take a look at this book and let us know if it’s something we should carry in our bookstore?” Sure, I’ll review it for you!

It isn’t something they should carry, probably – while it contains some great material about East Asia, Mike's criteria said it had to be 50% or more. Whereas this book has just as much about Africa and Latin America.

Adeney paints a picture of what Christianity looks like in contexts all over the world, and includes lots of well-told stories (with fact-checking and footnotes!) It's well done.

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