Monday, January 11, 2010

Community: Third Dimension Teams

I have a couple of posts brewing on the topic of collaboration. Oh, I've seen death by committee, and known people torn apart by trying to please everybody. But for me, I'm pretty sure one of the best things I could do to increase my effectiveness and probably happiness as well would be to sharpen my commitment to collaboration.

What about you? Do you put ideas on the table early - and often?

The US Director of Pioneers - a man I admire and enjoy - just posted an article that relates to this topic. He connects team-based ministry - especially where this comes with the formation of loving, supportive communities - with satisfaction, resilience, and longevity in tough situations. Good stuff.

Read Third Dimension Teams.

See also: If You Want to Go Far... the Power of Collaboration (posted here 8-22-09) and Weaving a Relational Net: Strategies, Barriers (12-26-09)

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