Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Need Exercise?

Maybe you saw the brief article in Sunday's "Parade" magazine, "A Happy Way to Get Fit":
"When it comes to getting active, you may be better off investing in a dog than a gym membership.

"Researchers in Great Britain recently surveyed 5000 people and found that those with dogs exercised up to six hours more a week than those who worked out at a gym or on their own.

"...Researchers say the difference can be attributed in part to varying levels of enjoyment. While 86% of dog owners said they enjoy the time with their pets, only 16% of respondents rated going to the gym favorably."
I thought this was funny, but it makes sense. The gym doesn't bark very loud; you can ignore it and maybe nobody will know. Your gym bag doesn't look up at you with big sad eyes. Of course, it doesn't shed all over your living room and chew up your shoes, either.

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