Thursday, December 31, 2009

Read in 2009 - Part 1, Nonfiction

Apparently I'm a bookaholic. Here's my list of books read in 2009. I starred a dozen that really stood out, though your list might be different; many of them were quite good. See what sounds appealing to you, get a library card, and enjoy! Use the search bar to read my comments about many of these if you're interested.

See also Read in 2009 - Part 2, Fiction and 2008 Book Blogging Roundup.

Nonfiction – History/Culture

Nonfiction – Theology/Christian Life

Nonfiction – Biographies

Nonfiction – Christian/Mission, Misc.

Nonfiction – Miscellaneous


Dale Fincher said...

Wow, glad my book made your very long list...!

By the way, I love the Buechner quote on your header... I read his Telling Secrets this year myself.

Marti said...

I enjoyed "Living with Questions" and have recommended it to others - well done!

Yes, Buechner is great, and of all his memoir-ish books "Telling Secrets" is my favorite. He has produced some good fiction as well.

What about you? (You - Dale, and you, anyone else who is reading) What did you read this year that influenced or impressed you?