Friday, October 30, 2009

Schools in Pakistan

I wrote on Facebook last week that next time The University of Oregon calls me seeking funds, I'll tell them I'm supporting Forman Christian College in Lahore, Pakistan.

I was that impressed with the presentation I heard at the big Presby mission event, World Mission Celebration. The college and a number of Presbyterian primary schools, taken over by the government in 1972, have been given back to the churches to control. Nationalization had proved to be disasterous. Now, though it sounds like some of them are really flourishing!

Forman is a relatively small university but one of the best in South Asia, and its alumni include two of Pakistan's past presidents, prime ministers of both Pakistan and India, the first chief justice of Pakistan, and numerous ambassadors and cabinet members.

Committed to educating both Christians and Muslims side by side, Forman is graduating students who might not have the opportunity to learn otherwise - especially the Christians, who are a persecuted minority in the country. But education is changing that, and graduates of these Christian schools are now transforming their families and communities.

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Your Dad said...

And there are the schools strted by Greg Mortensen. Three Cups of Tea.

Marti said...

Yes... everyone is needed!