Thursday, October 08, 2009

Mobilization through Technology

Just heard from a colleague whose organization is planning a golf tournament next month to raise funds for their work. But this is a golf tournament with a twist: the whole thing will be held indoors using Nintendo Wii.

“This year we are opening the event up so people can play from just about anywhere in the US and we'll be live streaming over the web. We've made good progress and already have several sponsors lined up ... Please pray for smooth working of the technology during the event, good participation, and completion of the online scoring and judging components of the event website.”

This unusual fundraiser seems appropriate since the organization's whole purpose is to bring people and missions together using internet technology.

I’d be much more likely to participate in a Wii golf tournament than a live one, though I do not have access to a Wii (or know how to golf!) But I wonder if the people who participate will be as likely to make generous donations as they would if they were attending a live event? Hope so. This is their “second annual” event and my friend reports that the first one went quite well.

The same guy is planning to lead a conference workshop next week without the cost and trouble of attending the conference. He will be giving the workshop twice - to several dozen short-term mission leaders - via webcast from his office in another state.

The purpose of the workshop is to provide tips on using social media websites (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube) effectively in short-term missions (recruiting, training, on the field, debriefing, and follow through). No news on whether they’ve got things set up to allow participation from others not attending the conference, though perhaps the webcasting technology would make that possible as well.

Another friend is using the Internet to deliver content for an online class that is simultaneously a fundraiser for Bible translation efforts and a service to home-school students (who, in taking the class, are funding a project). Read about it here.

What creative uses of technology have caught your attention recently?

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Marti said...

Here's another creative use of technology. Authentic Publishing (now part of a group calling themselves 'Biblica') is trying to build an email list. But they feel honor-bound to use an opt-in system. So they are advertising free ebooks (chose one from a list of 10) for those who subscribe to their monthly electronic newsletter. Hey... we've got some stuff we're hoping to deliver electronically, down the road. Wonder if that would work for us?

@ngie said...

Marti, these are all good ideas. I really don't have any ideas to add. Only want to underline the effectiveness of using technology as a tool for missions. There are many instances of support of all kinds we have received as a direct result of being active on Facebook.

Marti said...

@ngie - you guys have done a super job at making good use of your resources, including technological ones! I'm so glad you have... it allows folks back home, supporters, and even imaginary friends like me to feel part of your lives!