Thursday, September 27, 2007


I still have that house fantasy about meriting a master bedroom someday - with the big, walk-in closet and maybe a queen-sized bed!

Meanwhile, though, I'm quite pleased with a recent solution to my closet problem. I put a ban on buying any new clothes until I found a better way to organize and take care of the ones that I had.

Introducing: shirt hangers. I'd long been a fan of multiple-skirt hangers, those that can hold five or six skirts, keeping them visible and relatively unwrinkled without taking up a lot of space. I got something like that for organizing my scarves. But now I have a similar, handy system for my T-shirts. Did you know they made such a thing?

Much better. Now I won't forget what I already have - a good safeguard against over-shopping. No, it is clear to me just how many reddish knit shirts I've acquired... (a rather large collection) as well as easier to figure out which skirts or whatever will go with them.

Now the shelf space I have is primarily filled with things that don't wrinkle, and all but the pants and sweaters are organized in actual bins (a step up from my decade-old cardboard boxes) neatly lining those shelves. Ah....

I'm no Martha Stewart, but I wish I'd tried this long ago!

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Paul Merrill said...

Yes, we have a ban on going to Target. But sometimes we have to break it.

It's amazing how the stuff accumulates. Moving cures that a little!