Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Just married at Bi-Mart

Forget the flowery vows or the marriage license, and never mind making it "Facebook official." Chris and I went to Bi-Mart yesterday and he added me to his account. It's one of those places like Costco where you have to have a membership to get in the front door, only it's a locally owned, independent version. And I didn't want to spring for the $5 membership fee!

So Chris added me to his account. Under my soon-to-be-new name.

Yup. I gave them my signature and everything. We explained that the ceremony and name change were a few weeks out, but they had no problem putting me in the database as the new Mrs. W. on the basis of our say-so (after looking at our photo ID).

Kind of a funny place to announce one's marriage, I thought!

In related news, Chris had a patient last week who just happened to sport the same handle - my new name. He called and told me about the 90-something-year-old biddy with the thinning hair, wandering mind, etc. "Probably incontinent, too?" I asked. Yup.

"I've just seen 'you' in  50 years!" he told me.

Never one to let a romantic opportunity slip by, he added: "And I'm still going to marry you."


Dean Smith said...

That is funny!

Marti said...

I thought so!

Marti said...

Alrighty... C. just mentioned that what I did, mentioning the name and age and medical conditions of one of his patients, it's seriously illegal. Oops. Don't tell your secrets to a writer, silly! I am not deleting this post but will amend it.