Wednesday, October 05, 2011

The Cookie Factor

I recently attended a conference at a hotel that had quite high rates on its rooms, but with the selling point that there were free, warm, chocolate-chip cookies at the front desk.


The airline on which I traveled to get to that conference tends to nickel-and-dime its patrons at every turn, but comfort them with free, warm, chocolate-chip cookies at the end of each flight.

(Num num num...)

Likewise, at the place where I get my car's oil changed, they are always trying to up-sell customers ambiguous additional services - but also provide free, warm, chocolate-chip cookies.

Do you sense a plot?

Do such enticements work on you? Why or why not? 'Fess up, chocoholics!


Chris Wade said...

I sense a theme for our future house. Daniel will be happy. :-)

Megan Noel said...

um a VP who shall remain nameless had a box of fancy candybars at his desk for a while. sadly not long. now, you can't buy my loyalty w/ chocolate, you have to earn it, but of course you are welcome to TRY!

sheehanagins said...

you can definitely buy my loyalty with chocolate...especially the freshly baked variety.

Marti said...

Chris: Happy to bake for the boy. :-)
Meg: Yes, generous dispensations of chocolate are one thing, giving out sugar instead of respect is another.
CS: Yes, I would not mind seeing this easy-bake-oven technology or whatever it is distributed in more places, too!

Paul Merrill said...

Those hot chocolate/coffee machines at my bank, Discount Tire & where I get my oil changed work for me. My only complaint is that if you want a drink, you must use their environmentally unfriendly styro cups. (My travel mug will not fit!)

Marti said...

I kind of like those fancy drink machines myself, but I have encountered the same problem. Last time I made the cappuccino in the styro cup and then poured it into my travel mug, tossing the temporary cup away. I felt like a traitor to our cause, though.