Thursday, February 03, 2011

Don't Break the Chain

Earlier this year I started frequenting a new social networking site, this one a network for Christian Writers. After swallowing some resistance to "Christian" as an adjective I've found it a good place to go to give and receive guidance and encouragement. If you're a writer and have some questions you'd like to talk about with other writers, consider stopping in or joining up. This month I agreed to participate in a "Blog Chain" with other folks from The theme this month is looooooooooooove. Here are the bloggers, their blog names, and the dates they will post on this topic.

Feb 3: Chris Henderson, TheWriteChris
Feb. 4: Tracy Krauss, Expression Express
Feb. 5: Scott Fields, Dead Man Writing
Feb. 6: Keith Wallis, wordsculptures
Feb. 7: Traci Bonney, Tracings
Feb. 8: Chris Perdue: The Bible Stop (part 1)
Feb. 9: Adam Collings, The Collings Zone
Feb. 8: Chris Perdue: The Bible Stop (part 2)
Feb. 11: Naomi Musch, Write Reason
Feb. 12: Lynn Mosher, Heading Home
Feb. 13: Cindee Snider Re, Breathe Deeply
Feb. 14: Liberty Speidel, Word Wanderings
Feb. 15: Ruth Rockafield, Power of the Pen
Feb. 16: Victor Travison, Lightwalker's View
Feb. 18: Sheila Hollinghead, Clearing Skies
Feb. 19: Sarah Grace, Write-Minded
Feb. 20: Edward Lewis, Sowing the Seeds
Feb. 21: Linda Yezak, 777 Peppermint Place
Feb. 23: Nona King, Word Obsession
Feb. 25: Chris Depew, The Beulah Land Blog
Feb. 28: Marti Smith, Telling Secrets


Adam Collings said...

Great to have you on the chain.

Marti said...

Thanks, Adam! We'll see where it all goes. And if being "last" is a benefit or detriment!

Scott Fields said...

I like your title here. I had much the same thought when I started in with this activity, and said as much in my first post with the chain: "Once convinced that I could participate without the stress of duress—that my friends and relatives were safe even if I slipped up and 'broke the chain'—I thought it sounded like fun."

And I was right--it is fun. Great fun, in fact. The only down side right now is having to wait to the end of the month to see what you're going to post. . . !

Marti said...

I decided I wanted to see where everyone else went with this, first... and then I thought it might be nice to include links to the actual, relevant posts at the end of mine, rather than to the blogs themselves. I wasn't sure what I wanted to write about either. But I think I've got it now! Enjoyed yours...

Adam Collings said...

I think going last will be good because you've had the chance, as you say, to see what we've all done with it - then you get to wrap it up for us.