Saturday, January 01, 2011

Favorite Spots in S. Puget Sound

My trip home was feeling long - I hadn't planned enough things to do, not wanting to be stressed out trying to make arrangements and accomplish them. But boredom sets in too easily, and then I wish I had something to do. Thursday I had no plans. It was a crisp, sunny day - a perfect time to go visit two favorite spots: one a five-minute drive northeast of my mom's place, the other ten minutes southeast. 

At Redondo Beach I put on my headphones and got in a two-mile run. The boardwalk was a bit icy and the tide was high, the wind whipping the waves violently against the piers and sometimes coming up through the planks of the boardwalk.

I love that kind of energy.

The second spot, the Hybelos Wetlands, was also cold but pretty quiet. Unmelted hailstones from a storm the day before covered the trail with a snow-like blanket of white. I was amazed how much green I saw. They call Colorado - where I live now - "Colorful Colorado," but it has nothing on Washington. Green doesn't grow in the winter. But in Washington the wild things keep on coming - I saw moss, ferns, brambles, and hardy little plants sharing space with dark pools and the gray, brown, and red of all kinds of trees and undergrowth. 

I was not the only one who went there for a walk that day. It's a pretty shadowy place, though, and everyone was well bundled up.

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