Wednesday, November 11, 2009


So, today is the first full day of my fortieth year - that's right, turned 39 yesterday. And am hoping to use this year wisely, so that at its end I am refreshed and renewed and ready for a fruitful new decade.

Birthdays themselves can be a bit hard - not because of the age thing, which I'm fine with, but because with so many people telling you to have a happy day it's hard to keep expectations reasonable.

In recent years, I've not been in a good position to have "the best day ever." Just who am I supposed to celebrate with? That's the main question. Sometimes I have the good fortune to be committed to doing something on my birthday that means I'm together with other people who will celebrate with me - that's what I prefer. But it isn't always the case.

So, I swallowed my embarrassment and invited my co-workers out to lunch; turned out to be a day when only half of them were available. Proposed to my (quite willing) roommate that we make dinner together and watch a movie, which we did.

Got a few cards, a few phone calls, a bouquet of flowers from a co-worker, and from my sister and my roommate, gifts. Deb's always very thoughtful in the gift department, and Meg's box included a great new scarf that I think I'll wear a lot.

But - this makes me laugh: Isn't it funny how we communicate differently as the years go on? I got 70 happy birthday posts on my Facebook "wall."

It was a nice enough day. But I think I'm glad to have it over. Time to take my eyes off myself and look outward and upward again.

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Megan Noel said...

i am still attempting to arrange a b-day dinner for jesse and i (now late!) lots of friends were sick last weekend - this the season! i kind of am not sure anyone wants to come! bah!