Friday, January 21, 2011

That's Why I Created Page Two

Jon is one of the most enjoyable and effective public speakers I know. This fall he spoke twice at our nearest neighborhood Perspectives on the World Christian Movement class. I knew it was unlikely he would say anything I hadn't heard before, but I was listening closely to see how he said it. You know, learn from the master...

I hate to miss a chance to learn from a master.
Jon is a bit taller. Bit pinker too.
Toward the end of the last session of the class, Jon said: "This is all about finding your part. Don't feel pressured to be or do something you aren't designed for. Probably, after taking this class, you shouldn't drop everything to join the mission committee at church. If you work with kids, don't quit that to get yourself a copy of "Rosetta Stone Czech"! Wouldn't you be more successful and appropriate to keep teaching the kids but look for ways to teach those kids about missions? ...What can you do to be more successful in integrating these things you've learned into the patterns of your actual life?"

Jon did hand out a worksheet with "next step" ideas - resources for the journey, he called it. Concrete tools the students could use. But it was simple and clean; no half-inch margins or 8-point fonts.

He also issued an invitation to respond, but he was not going to put anybody on the spot, just encourage us to take 30-60 minutes sometime within the next week to spend time with God asking, "How do you want my life to be different?"

He asked us if we felt we could honestly pray, "Lord, by your grace and for your glory, I will commit my life to obeying your Great Commission, wherever and however you lead me."

Then he handed out a worksheet titled "Developing a Personal Strategy." It included five fairly open-ended questions:

1. Share. What has God taught me that I need to share with the significant people in my life? How can I prepare so that I will be an effective communicator?
2. Grow. How am I going to keep my vision growing? Is there someone or some group with whom I should team up for encouragement and accountability? What other resources can help?
3. Integrate. How do I want my life to change, in the immediate future, as a result of this experience? How will I integrate what I've learned into my everyday experience?
4. Serve. As best I understand myself right now, I think God may intend to use me in the following kind of role as a World Christian: (Or, I need to seek further clarification of my role.)
5. Mobilize. How can God use me to mobilize my church or ministry? What's my next step? For whom should I be praying to sign up for the next Perspectives class?

Then Jon added, "I know, someone of us hate anything like this worksheet. You don't want to be boxed in. And that's perfectly fine. And so, for you, that's why I created page two."

He had us flip the page over. The other side was blank. Do it yourself. Get out your crayons and go.

Love that. Sometimes people need structure, sometimes they need freedom. Wise is the mobilizer who doesn't try to decide for someone else.

"Much to learn, you still have." - Yoda

> Consider how - as a teacher, leader, or influencer - you can offer both structure and freedom to groups of people with different styles.

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