Sunday, November 07, 2010

Welcome to my home/office

"They" say you should protect the sanctity of sleep by not using your bedroom for anything but rest.

"They" say you if you don't have an office or cubicle to go to you should set one up at home and keep regular office hours there.

I don't see the advantage of that. The basement's too cold for working in, anyway, and the living room doesn't have room for my stuff. So here's where I do most of my work/writing.

>> What precepts of common wisdom have you found it's fine to ignore?


Angie Washington said...

How clever of you to find a way to work in a picture to your post. My place is also in the corner of my bedroom and nice and cozy like your own.

"They" say that no genuine relationships can be made online; I have found that to not be true in my life.

Marti said...

I do, sometimes, go for something more ergonomic than slouched over on my bed : - )

And I, too, am thankful for ways to make or sustain friendships online!