Sunday, May 30, 2010

One Man's Sabbatical Year

Did you catch this article in the paper this weekend? Looks like it is adapted from a whole book telling his story. 
It's Never Too Late To Right Your Wrongs, Big or Small
By Lee Kravitz

After I lost my job in October 2007, I took stock of my life and didn't like what I saw. Working as hard as I had over the years, I had become disconnected from the people who mattered most to me.

My wife and three young children were afraid to approach me. My daughter told people, “Daddy never smiles.” I hadn't talked to some of my closest friends in more than a decade.

Instead of rushing back into the job market, I decided to spend a year reconnecting with my friends and relatives and making amends. I devoted myself to tending to what I called “my unfinished business.”

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