Friday, March 13, 2009

Refreshingly Wholesome...

I've been invited to a bridal shower next week.

Haven't been to one in a while, most of my contemporaries having wed a decade or so ago.

Honestly, these can be somewhat painful events. Sometimes I'm caught off guard by jealousy or exclusion, particularly if there's a focus on things I try not to dwell on. (I don't appreciate dirty jokes.)

But this time the invitation came with this request:
[Bride] and [groom] have sought to maintain a high level of physical, emotional, and mental purity when it comes to romance and affection, so let's honor their wishes in gift choices and conversation at the shower.


Paul Merrill said...

It's always nice when people take the high road!

Megan Noel said...

um. last bridal shower i went to the bride was rather pregnant.
still, it's always good to give tasteful gifts. i would never want to give or receive the ... other kind.