Sunday, March 15, 2009

Checking in

Off to my last Perspectives class. Lil' road trip to the North, up to the college town, Fort Collins.

I have a "let me tell you about myself" section that seems perfect for such settings, and it includes a few jokes I tell about myself that get a laugh 75% of the time. I suspect has a significant effect on how the rest of the lesson goes, so I almost always use that same intro. But I squirm a bit to do so. Sometimes I feel like a sham (those particular stories, are they really who I am? Are those really my only stories?) or a bore (telling these stories over and over again).

Maybe next year I'll rework my intro. Assuming people keep asking me to do this same sort of thing. Assuming I keep saying yes.

No progress on making a sabbatical plan, e.g., going to grad school. But I need something to seriously recharge me, and something more along the lines of personal development than just taking a vacation.

I said no, this week, to two trips to Asia. One would have taken me to Mongolia, the other to the Middle East. But both were very soon, and my plate is too full.

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Megan Noel said...

now i want to know what your stories are!
i went to my favorite coworker's house today for art day. she's the one where we really manage to be friends and NOT boss/employee or coworkers when we are not at work. met some nice people, and her nice old dog. played some handle on her violin, who is named jareth.