Friday, September 14, 2007

The Handoff

Finished uploading the project files for our prayer guide to the printer's FTP site at high noon. And as I had feared, when I sought instructions for the handoff, instead of being told, "The designer will send you a mock-up," I heard, "The designer says to just send him a mock-up." Only a slightly different sentence, but it meant hours more of work!

On the other hand, it meant I learned some new design tricks, and I'm fairly pleased with the results. If all they do is inspire the designer to say, "I can take that and make it better," it's probably worth it. So, pray for "Larry" or "Jim," one of whom will be working on this project next week.

In hopes of equipping them to make us something spectacular, this morning S. (who also slogged through the last edit on the text) took about 50 pictures of lace and textiles from the region we're writing about, stuff to work with for backgrounds and design elements. We put those in the FTP file as well.

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Marti Smith said...

No, this is not 'the cover.' It's just one of several ideas I sent to the designer. I really hope he comes up with something he loves and I can say, 'looks great!' rather than having him insist that it's his job to try to carry out my vision and that I am supposed to tell him how it ought to look. But if he does take that kind of line, I think I am ready, that I've got my head around it as much as I can.