Monday, April 04, 2016

Writing What People Read

Writing for the web is fun.

How I enjoy keeping a blog.

But writing for the web and knowing people are reading it, well, it does tend to crowd out writing for the obscure blog.

It's well worth sacrificing a personal "brand" to collaborate with others and produce content that people want considerably more than they want to know who Marti Wade is and what she's all about.

But, you know, it's not hard to figure out what she's all about, either.

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I do still write about myself on Facebook. And now that grad school is nearly over, I may be back here at Telling Secrets more often, too.


Paul Merrill said...

Looking forward to post-grad school!

Marti said...

Yes! Tho' this just in from the advisor, who is also the ICS dean: "I know I sent you a note this past week about the new PhD at CIU. You definitely have the skills to complete the PhD and I hope you will consider our new program..."

Did some math yesterday on this. If I did their ICS PhD it would be 48 credit hours, completed over three years or five, and cost around $20,000 (money I don't have of course, and if you could the opportunity cost, probably not feasible at this point). However, my 45-credit MA plus a 48-credit PhD would probably still be a little under the time Hubs had to put in to get his 90-some credit MDiv. Good bit cheaper, too.