Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Party and Parade

"What are we going to do for the Fourth?" we asked each other. Both of us had the day off and the kids were with their mom. My ideal Fourth of July would include picnicking with good friends and good food, a concert, a parade, and fireworks. Even though we didn't have any solid plans when we went to bed late Tuesday night, we still got most all of those things.
"Take me to Cresswell to see the parade?" I asked him when he woke up. Cresswell is a small town south of us, and it turns out they have the best parade ever - complete with marching bands, old cars, tractors, candy, and relatively little of the commercial sponsorship that's the only thing that made holiday parades happen back in my old town. Near the front of the parade were a couple of little old ladies pushed in wheelchairs decked in red, white, and blue, and waving at the children. It was touching. 

On the way there and back we listened to a couple of CD compilations a friend had given us as a bonus wedding present. Well, 20 seconds or so of each song... most of the music was country-western and C. is not a fan. But somehow that sort of music seems as American and patriotic to me as Sousa and John Williams! So that was our impromptu concert.

After we got home, Hubs sent a text to some old friends of his and asked if they'd like to get together for hamburgers and maybe take their kids for a ride on the old firetruck. We ended up crashing their large family party, but they didn't mind; I added to their feast an apple pie I'd just made and some burgers from the freezer.

Fireworks? Not this year. I don't think my fireman is much of a fan.

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