Thursday, June 28, 2012

Summer Schedule in a House with Teenagers

I was looking forward with gratitude to finishing school for the year - and C. and the kids being done, too. What a blessing to be able to start life together without the work and stress that comes from all four of us having long hours and homework. What I did not realize was that the change of seasons would bring a new commitment - and even after C's contribution, one that takes a good 2-3 hours of my time, every day.

Yup. I'm the taxi service. Both kids are working (different) 2-3 hour shifts for the park service (he's a rookie lifeguard, she's a swim instructor). Neither one has a driver's license, though our girl, H., hopes to get hers soon and has friends who bring her back to us each evening. Our boy, D., strives to make swim practice twice a day and the morning practice is clear on the other side of town - unfortunately not so conveniently timed that I can take him there and stick around to enjoy the adjacent coffee shop, or run errands.

There are a few up-sides to all this back and forth. It forces me to stay organized enough to make the most of the windows of work time that remain. And it allows me some low-key, one-on-one time with each of the kids.

As might be expected, attempts to introduce a bit more job-sharing on the cooking and cleaning chores so I can get more of my work done have seen mixed results. I know most of my friends who are "working moms" have been doing this juggling act all along. It's new to me. And only every other week. So what I'm going to try to do is work 50 hours a week when the kids are with their mom, and 30 when they're with us. We'll see how it goes.


Dean Smith said...

Looking forward to drivers' licenses?

Marti said...

Yes. H. is going for her driving test in a few weeks. One of her grandpas even bought her a car - though she'll be paying him back $100 a month for a long, long time, plus coming up with funds for gas, insurance, and a campus parking pass. Trying not to wring my hands in dismay... instead joining in her happy anticipation of the arrival of a sporty red Jetta! And, luckily, that particular grandpa is very much a car guy and should be able to keep the thing running.