Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Taking Wing

Image from Brianna Martray Fine Art; photo by Tony Gallagher
The stroll out to the A concourse at Denver International Airport often has some of my city's most interesting art.

Currently the walkway is home to an installation of thousands of folded paper cranes, all in white. Looking more closely I saw that the paper had words. Hmm...  must be recycled.

The story begins with a massive novel to which the artist gave eight years of her life. The book, however, never came to life on its own. About five years ago she gave up on it and began cutting up the manuscript pages lying around her house and folding them into paper cranes.

Since both her computer and back-up hard drive were later stolen, these cranes are all that remain of Brianna's finished novel.

Maybe Brianna was never meant to be a writer. But she's found a path for herself as a visual artist.

Wonder what things you and I have poured ourselves into or clinged to that might better take wing in a different form?

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