Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Chris "sent" me these flowers today. Nice, no?
Sometimes it's the little things that make you feel most alive. Like the exquisite small pang of getting up to pour your second cup of morning coffee and finding you've already had it. Deb and I were laughing about that this weekend. Mmmm, coffee!

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I sent a newsletter yesterday afternoon. It's already generated a record number of responses - primarily, I believe, because it implied I am engaged to be married.

That's not actually the case. But it's not a huge problem if people draw such a conclusion. Chris and I agreed months ago that we intend to marry. He's ready to buy a ring. We're talking about dates in June. A marriage proposal is just a matter of form. Since that's how things are, we're considering an engagement party in November or December during which we would carry out that rite of passage in the midst of friends and witnesses. Bit unconventional, but I think it sounds fun.

No, I don't know where we'll have the wedding. But probably someplace in Oregon so as to avoid the stress of long-distance planning.

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original watercolor by Megan Noel (for sale)
A few days ago I passed through our neighborhood park while on a walk to clear my head. Two little boys coming down the path were cradling something in a T-shirt. I was intrigued.

Yup, a garter snake. They were happy - eager - to show it off the little beauty. "We're going to keep him for a week! Or for a long time! and when he [sic] lays eggs, we'll sell the babies for pets!"

I wonder how the next scene played out with their mom(s)?

*    *    *

My sister lost her job some months ago. While she's been looking for work she's kept herself sane and happy by doing a lot of drawing and painting. The results are pretty fabulous. It's not easy to make a living as an artist. She knows she needs a day job to pay the bills. But it's encouraging that some of her art is selling. Meg has several shows this fall and is getting business through her Etsy shop.


Fiona L Cooper said...

So are congratulations in order? Or is it a bit premature? I'm confused :-) But whatever, I'm very happy for you. Very very happy indeed :-D

Marti said...

Well, I don't consider myself engaged, but I still welcome others being happy for (with!) me. Thanks, Fiona! Would love to see you back in the blogophere, should that have a place in your life again...hope all's well!

Marti said...

I wonder if a letter all about "I'm moving to Oregon!" instead of "I've found the love of my life!" seemed a little off. I continue to feel awkward talking about the things closest to my heart. Yet over the years I've had numerous people comment on how open and transparent I am in my newsletters; typically, with some level of admiration, but sometimes with a bit of "I could never do that" thrown in. Huh. Maybe it's all relative. I calculate I've sent about 150 personal newsletters since this "full-time ministry" gig began in 1995.

Megan Noel said...

Hey! Thanks for the free PR :) I am sure when you are ready to get engaged you won't let your twin sister find out on-line, eh? Anyway wishing you the best. Also - what you said about your newsletter - it seems to me you are more open in your blog than you are in person sometimes. Or maybe I am imaging that?

Marti said...

You're welcome, Meg.

If we have an engagement party the way I described it, I hope you would be able to come. At any rate I would not announce anything online without telling you and a few others first.

No, you aren't mistaken that I'm more open on my blog than in person. It feels safer for some reason.

In person people may tell you all the reasons you are wrong about things, or make faces at you, or, more often, just walk away. I'm amazed how many people in my life won't let me finish a thought. In social settings I feel like my stories or ideas have to be boiled down to a sentence or two; that's all most people can hear without getting bored and/or changing the subject. But it's not enough for me. Maybe that's why I enjoy writing. Feels like I can be myself here more than in many other "settings."

Megan Noel said...

The woman we used to work with at the studio, she was an HR consultant and did training for the managers, mentioned the whole trend of people only wanting to hear sound bites. She compared it to twitter! It is sadly not your imagination. More common among younger folks but I think also more of a trend in the population in general. I am sure I need to listen to you better myself and will work on that. If you invite me to Eugene I will come! I checked and the train stops in Albany, so I might stop there on the way. I have an online friend who I must have "known" for almost 15 years who I want to go visit in Albany. Oregon is certainly easier to visit than CO and easier to visit on short notice.