Friday, July 29, 2011

He Sends Me Flowers

My love is a romantic. He'd love to send me flowers every day. Even if he could afford that, such extravagant displays would leave me embarrassed and uncomfortable. We've found a good work-around. He snaps pictures when he's out and about and sends them to me by email, usually with a love note. Once a week, once a day, sometimes more. I have his words to go back to again and again, and the flowers never wilt or fade. 

He never tells me where he takes the pictures. Chris is in and out of hospitals and nursing homes every day; he provides medical transportation for those who need more than a taxi, less than an ambulance. "Driving Miss Daisy," he calls it. "Only Miss Daisy is in a wheelchair." So I'm sure some of those who give or receive these bouquets associate them with pain and loss. For us, though, they are sheer beauty.


Marti said...

He says he doesn't usually take pictures at the hospitals and nursing homes... he said he had one main source, and thought I'd be able to guess what it is. I'd been thinking of flower shops, but that's not it, is it? He probably takes his camera to Eugene's fabulous Saturday Market. That's got to be it.

Megan Noel said...

that is sweet. i need to learn how to use my new (old) camera better. i used to enjoy taking flower macros w/ my old (old) camera!

Marti said...

Meg, I remember some of the pics you took. The nice thing about flowers - beside that they make a good gift for one's beloved - is that they do not move. It doesn't take as much quick-thinking and boldness to get good pictures of flora. Family and fauna cooperate less.