Friday, April 22, 2011

Midtrip Report of Sorts

Nope, haven't been blogging. I'm overseas investigating a project that might be sensitive - that's actually part of what I'm trying to figure out. As a person who is better at finding reasons not to do things, seeing what could go wrong, that is stretching my faith. The ambiguity is too high for me.

On the plus side, practical matters (shared with a partner and with lots of people we can call on for help and advice while we're here) have been quite manageable. Basic stuff like food, shopping, money, transportation, etc. have been relatively easy. Well, easy for me. I've thrown too much on my partner, I think, as if these things are not hard for her too.

When we are able to cross the linguistic boundaries many of those we meet do not seem so different in mindset and way of life as the folks in some of the other places I have been. Though I gather there are still plenty of people out in tiny, isolated villages for whom life is quite different. We're spending most of our time in the big city.

Internet access here is not difficult but not having my own laptop, I haven't had time to blog. It's pretty low on the priority list. Have put a few things on Facebook, though.

Just a few more days here. We fly out early on Wednesday.

Pray for health, hope, perseverance, unity, and - most especially - eyes to see what to make of this trip and what our next steps might be.

I find it most helpful to assume we're going to continue pursuing a project here for the future but that may or may not be the case. If we are, it is my hope to continue the networking and research I began before we came. Will I do it? Hope so. I have comforted myself with such assurances in the past, through, only to see them erode pretty quickly. Anyway, now I have a much better grid for evaluating what may come my way. I know what my questions are. May even try to set up some Skype appointments before we leave.

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