Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Sound of Owls

Sometimes it takes me by surprise, how different we all are.

Recently a friend told me that late the night before she was reading a book that spoke of God's work in the "small" things. Just then she heard something land on the roof of her house with a loud thump, and, listening, realized it must be an owl. Another owl was perched on a neighbor's roof; she could just make out the shape.

She and her family have always loved owls. She called her grown daughter into the room: come quick! For half an hour they listened to the owls calling back and forth. My friend was so excited about what had happened she could not sleep.

While I like this story, I'm pretty sure I would not have reacted the same way. Would not, I suppose, have known it was an owl or been so excited that it was. Nature lover, yes; animal person, not really.

But it got me thinking about what things do thrill me in that same way. People, chiefly, and people's stories, and what makes people tick. The fact that I could tell you a story about my friend being excited about the owls means more to me than, say, hearing a couple of owls.

What kinds of things thrill or delight you? Can you sum them up into easy categories?


Megan Noel said...

an owl would thrill me too! and, also, much more than say, a possum on the roof.
(at jesse's house the raccoons sometimes come into the house and open the kitchen cupboards at night. they seem to have managed a brief respite due to audin throwing crushed coke 0 cans at them, but they always come back.)
also: recycle! reduce! reuse!

Marti said...

Owls are shy enough that they often pass unnoticed.

Raccoons, like it or not, tend to be rather clever, don't they? At my house our main wild animal visitors are a family of squirrels that think they own the place, and a series of little brown bunnies. I like having the bunnies, but I haven't tried growing vegetables lately. The squirrels sometimes dig in our flower planters and keep the flowers from thriving.