Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Bridging Long Distances

So, the "phone" thing. Aaaaaaaggggaaaaain. Are you tired of hearing about me being handicapped by a fear and hopeless procrastination about making phone calls?

I don't believe I am as bad about this as I used to be, actually.

Working from home has helped. I packed up my stuff and left the office environment back in February. This, and the six-month sabbatical with which I began, have given me more energy for everything - including taking social initiative. I'm getting out as much as ever before, maybe more. I usually get those two hours a day of people-time that I crave. (Yes, I'm a mild extrovert). And that requires a certain amount of phone calling. I've enjoyed many of those calls. Enjoyed, too, my contact with people who are willing to communicate and coordinate plans through other means. Even when getting on the phone makes more "sense."

Because making phone calls is still a hard thing. Spent a good chunk of today intending to call a stranger - but new ministry contact - in Michigan, and am now wondering what I'll say to explain why I didn't call. I had said I would! The truth - that I was scared - seems rather laughable. I can't imagine saying that to someone I've never even met.

Tomorrow, I have a call scheduled with the man I've asked to be my supervisor. He works in the home office in Florida. Lovely man. I'm not afraid to talk to him. But I'm a bit afraid he's going to say "I'll supervise you, and the main way I see us staying in touch is over the phone."

That would be like telling me, "I'll mentor you, but I want to do it all in Spanish." 

Aaaarrrgghhhh, sometimes my weakness seem as if they will be my undoing!


Marti said...

OK, so D. and I had a "DTR" : - ) - we defined our relationship. Well, my relationship with the organization. From his opening prayer I was a little worried. Too much talk about trusting God with the future made me wonder if he was going to show me the door! But no. Instead, he accepted my suggestion that I join the agency's team that focuses on serving the local churches that send out workers through the agency. Proposed several juicy-sounding projects I could do. Invited me to come to HQ for their next biannual meeting, which happens in just a couple of weeks, and said he'd buy my ticket. Also told me I'd be expected to participate in their bimonthly conference calls. Yes, I know, phone calls. And - a fun thing about working with people who are two time zones ahead of you - they are EARLY. But those kind of things are more like meetings, and I think that will work for me. Also - you'll be pleased to here this, fans, made sure I knew that both he and his boss, TE, are excited to have me on the team and think I'll be a great addition. So there you go.

Megan Noel said...

are you sure we are twins? i crave time alone!