Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Where's My Passport?

For months I've known that my next big research project would probably take me to Russia, but a let's-get-down-to-brass-tacks conversation last Friday made it clear that I'd better get my passport out, NOW. The city where this project is to be located is found in the kind of climate you don't want to visit in December, January, or February. Someone needs to go check things out. That someone is me (though not alone). Better either go soon or wait for the spring thaw. If we're going to be heading out in November I'll probably know by the end of this week.

Among other things, this is a good impetus to brush up my (almost nonexistent) Russian. A friend points me to a site that includes these "useful" phrases.

В нашем лесу много медведей. (V našem lesu mnogo medvedej)
There are many bears in our forest.

Борода вам очень идёт. (Boroda vam ochen' idjot)
That beard suits you very well.

Помогите! Мне нужен холодильник! (Pomogite! Mne nužen holodil'nik!)
Help! I need a refrigerator!

>> Find more phrases - such as the "Shaingainese" for "your clothes and hat are untidy" - at Omniglot.

Note: I'm changing the name of this post - which previously included a phrase in Russian - in hopes of stemming the flow of Russian comment spam. 

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Marti said...

I'm a little disappointed, but the answer came back: wait 'til spring. Looks like I'll be going in April.