Sunday, June 13, 2010

Summer Flu Haiku

Been sick since Wednesday. Ditched church today but was alert enough to compose the following.

The best thing about writing when you're ill is that if it's really crummy - and I fear that this is - you can claim your words are the result of feverish or drug-induced delusions.

Sniff - sneeze - groan - cough - moan
Head hurts, throat hurts, skin hurts, oh!
cough, cough - moan - cough, groan.
Cough syrup, hot tea
Blankets, pillows, puzzles, books
Fresh box of "Puffs"...

Just can't find the will
To change the radio dial;
NPR pledge drive.

Yet as troubles go,
Not big. To sit still and do
Not much seems a gift.

1 comment:

Dean Smith said...

What an awful time of the year to have the Wheeezes. I'm in Indiana. Hot and humid here. Alice mowed the grass between showers. Got wet.