Tuesday, April 06, 2010

When You Reach the End of the Line…

Yesterday my last mechanical pencil ran out. (A sign I should lay off Sudoku?) Why do I share this humble detail of life with you, dear reader? It’s because, in the spirit of telling secrets, I confess: It seems I am a thief. A burglar. One who absquatulates (look it up).

You see, while I regularly stop by the office supply store – O Temple of Possibility! – to browse and to stock up on notebooks, tablets, and writing utensils for any researchers I am training – I cannot remember the last time I bought such things for myself.

Apparently, almost without knowing it, I filch all mine from the office.

It’s been almost two months since I’ve had an office to go to. Hence the lack.

Do you find your character suffering this sad flaw? Peace and integrity can be yours. For just over US$5 I purchased, free and clear, a score of pens and pencils from Office Max. And eased my conscience considerably.

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