Monday, March 01, 2010

Olympic Monoboarding

In 1993 I was a recent college grad and working as a temp receptionist. One day a traveling salesman came through the office and charmed me into buying a hot-off-the-presses, 1200-page, illustrated, one-volume encyclopedia.

I don’t think I paid anywhere near the $75 cover price. But whatever I paid, it’s held its value… at least up until today’s age of “Just Google It.”

Deb and I laughed to read this postscript on the “skiing” entry:

“Recently, monoboarding or the use of a single, very broad ski, similar to a surf board, used with the feet facing the front and placed together, has become increasingly popular. See ‘surfing.’ “

Wonder if anyone thought, then, that “monoboarding” (under a new name) would ever make the Olympics?


Paul Merrill said...

If we could just watch the broadcast for the 2090 winter olympics, it would be fascinating to see what sports would be represented.

(May Jesus return before then!!)

Marti said...

Some of this year's events - both old and new - seem odd or arbitrary. Made me want to know more about the selection process. Yes, what will we be watching in 2090?

Dean Smith said...

Couch slouching? Coffee slurping? Refrigerator raiding? Video game playing? Nothing physical, of course.

Marti said...

How about a new biathalon: skiing while texting.