Wednesday, February 03, 2010


Our office is moving along in the process of closing down. You can read the official announcement on our website. One team has already moved out; another team is waiting to see if their offer on another space is accepted. And the third is hunkering down in the same building, moving into a smaller section of the space we've had all along.

And while I don't belong on any of those three teams, I'm free to leave the question of where I fit up in the air while I take a six-month sabbatical and seek direction. I'm writing from a sabbatical workshop in Colorado Springs. It's been really helpful.

Monday, I leave for a week in Detroit, where I'll train my twenty-eighth research team!

So, that means yesterday was my last day in the office on Dry Creek Circle. After 15 years! I left some of "my" stuff there; didn't finish sorting it all out. But most everything else came home and it's divided between the garage and the basement. I'll have to return to finish with the rest of it.

At the moment, I'm feeling optimistic about the future: thinking that this sabbatical will be a fruitful time ... will renew me and give me perspective. And that good things will come after. That #28 won't be my last gang of researchers. That I'll be able to keep the ezine going strong. That I'll do more teaching and training, and start writing another book this year.

Time will tell. God's in control.


Paul Merrill said...

I'm confident too that God has good things in store for you.

May God give you grace as you navigate the uncertainty!

Marti said...

Much thanks, Paul!