Thursday, February 25, 2010

Monday Reality Check, Thursday Field Trip

First thing Monday morning someone called me from the office. "How is your sabbatical going?" she inquired. "What's your agenda for today?" That didn't sit well with me. An agenda? "No agenda," I said, simply.

"I don't know if you've heard, but we decided to stay in the office. I notice you've stacked up about a dozen boxes in your old cube..."

It's true; I went in over the weekend and packed them up.... they hadn't been there on Friday. I guess that did put the others in a bind I couldn't have anticipated. Because, as my coworker said, "Today is the day we'd decided to move, and K. will be using that cube."

"So, what do you want done with those boxes? And all the stuff in the 'guest' cube - where can we put it?"

This was a hard conversation on so many levels, and not how I wanted to start my Monday. I didn't say much, but suggested another places the boxes could go and told her I'd come in over the weekend to finish sorting things out. They're staying in the office? What does that mean for me? Is there an open door for me to stay there, as well? Would I even want to? These questions are so confusing to me, so ambiguous.

Today (Thursday) I decided would be a good day for a field trip. I went back in time, all the way to 1860. Yes, the Littleton Historical Museum. Seemed a good place to seek perspective. Also, I figured they'd have some lambs this time of year, and I wanted to see them gambol. Here are a few images.

The trail around the lake

Canada geese


Lambs, curious


Farmhouse pantry



Dean Smith said...

These pictures bring back some memories for me. Lambs. Today I wouldn't think of getting into raising sheep. Chickens, maybe. It's a good thing I was younger in those days.

Megan Noel said...

oh i miss lambs, marti. i might spy some on the island. i have not been out there since we were there because phil and kathy have been having a rough time. phil was diagnosed with cluster headaches, the worse pain a human can experience they say, fortunately the treatment seems to be helping! i hope i can soon feel comfortable inviting myself over! did you see the picture of the camels we saw on the olympic peninsula?