Thursday, February 11, 2010

Couple More Days

A few days ago I had lots of blog post ideas floating around my head, but just now the lil' ol' head is full of other things. Until Saturday afternoon I'm in Michigan, busy training a research team bound for South Asia. I'm training solo, and mentally, this is taking all I've got.

Wish I'd been a little better prepared. Some of it couldn't be helped. We hit a number of roadblocks getting this far which slowed things down. Still scrambling to figure out research goals, living situations, etc.

I'm a natural trouble-shooter... and I can anticipate all kinds of ways these guys could get into trouble on the ground! Not because they're a bad team, but every team is vulnerable. Of course one doesn't know which of those possible trouble points will materialize.

I feel uneasy not doing my best to prepare them for every eventuality. We only have a few days, though, and it is what it is. Probably the best thing I can do is to express confidence and hope, give them tools and ideas.

Time to breathe and remind myself: things are going to be OK.

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