Saturday, January 10, 2009


I'm taking a bit of a vacation on Sunday. Need it or not. OK, you know that I need it! I'm going downtown for the afternoon to spend a few hours at the Denver Art Museum, something I haven't done in several years. And maybe I'll even buy something. No, nothing on canvas; more likely a cup of tea and a couple of postcards.

Postscript: The museum has more than doubled in size since last time I was there. I didn't necessarily appreciate everything I saw, but thought the special exhibit about Ernest Blumenschein was great. E.B. was one of the founders of the art scene in Taos, NM. A lot of his work reflects the amazing light and color of that area. Particularly liked this painting.

Another day I needed a mini-vacation, I put together an album of beautiful places I've been. Check it out here.

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Megan Noel said...

that is a wonderful painting!
i will look at your photos some more from work when i need a stress-break! comcast is being grumpy tonight. they claim the speed doubled but i am not seeing it!