Friday, January 23, 2009

Sounds of the Concourse / My Lost Cell Phone

This fall I let 100 days pass between trips out past the big blue mustang, to the Denver airport. But now I’m traveling again. I guess I was kind of eager to get away for the weekend this time… Two hours before flight time, I was already at my gate.

So I logged onto the airport wireless (free, if a tad bit unreliable) to play around on the Internet. And, I wrote you this poem. Er, poem-ish thing. Sorry. I’m a writer, but not that kind of writer. Anyway, all disclaimers aside, here ‘tis.

Sounds of the Concourse

Crowds in halls and courtesy calls
Suitcase wheels and business deals
Weary sighs and baby cries
Kiss goodbye, prepare to fly

I always wonder if as I go
I’ll hear a voice I used to know
Or catch a glimpse of some old face
Familiar from some other place

To fly alone still has its pleasures
The independent, easy measures
I stop and browse or stride ahead
Go where I like, or as I am led

Caution! moving walk is nearing its end:
Please watch your step!

My Lost Cell Phone

As I got off the plane in Atlanta, I reached for my cell phone and found it missing from the coat pocket where I’d left it. Now, some of you might panic, and think that I, as a somewhat high-strung person, might do so as well. But I felt a strange mix of relief and guilt over the matter. You know I’m not too fond of phones of any kind. Perhaps I’ve been hoping that mine and I could somehow be parted? At any rate, it turns out that this is the case.

I waited for the plane to unload and went back to look, but my phone was nowhere to be found. So I guess I should still check at the lost and found when I get back to Denver before writing it all off together.

I’m tempted not to replace it. Hmmm. But probably the world has moved too far in the cell phone direction to let me make such a choice without facing its aghast, mystified disapproval even more than I felt about three years ago when such tensions brought me into the cell-phone-using world. (I had a group of friends at that time who thought it was terrible that I didn’t have one. Strangely enough, most of those people moved away or somehow slipped out of my life, without even calling, not long after I got the one I have. Had.)

What do you think, can I go cell-phone-less for a while? Or is it back to Target to pick up another pay-as-you-go, $15/month model like the one I lost? Surely I need nothing fancier or more expensive. I used the thing very little.

Well, consider this a public service announcement. If you - strangely enough - are dying to talk to me, you'll have to send an email instead. I'll be watching. (Now THAT, I'm addicted to!)

We had a funny conversation at work after that plane semi-crashed at the Denver airport recently. It went off the runway and caught fire and everyone had to be evacuated. We wondered if there was some kind of statistic about how many people really follow the rule about leaving all carry-ons behind. Would you?

I would be sorely troubled about leaving my laptop there to burn up.


Paul Merrill said...

If you can't find your celphone, get an iWireless, from King Soopers. That's the best deal now for pay-as-u-go. (Or it was a year ago, when we got ours.)

Hope you find it!

And I'm with you on hating phones.

Marti said...

Thanks, Paul - I'll look into it! It is nice to have a way to connect with people when necessary (e.g., lost!), even if I don't expect to have real conversations on it...

Megan Noel said...

it's up to you if you want a cellphone! you know i have one as my only phone. i do not use it much and it meets all my needs, professional and personal, voice and the occasional text. not to mention serving as my timepiece. but i did want to say that your carrier might give you another one free.. i can get a free phone every couple years. i don't upgrade that often, though!

Marti said...

Nope. My carrier is strictly attached to the phone - a $15/month plan, pay as you go. In fact, next step is to try to persuade them to stop charging my credit card, something that businesses find waaaaay too addictive to stop without much persuasion, once you let 'em start.

Anonymous said...

Nope, I am not leaving my laptop behind to burn. Then again, I have never been in an extreme situation like that requiring me to make a split second decision. I would hope that I would be able to keep my wits about me. Reading this reminds me that it is high time that I backed up my files. :-)

Marti said...

I am sure you would grab your kids before your laptop, Angie! But it's a good idea to make that backup...