Sunday, August 03, 2008

More News from the Ends of the Earth

Saturday night we had a girls' night out with the niece/servant of our
host here in River City. We all went to the MegaMall and afterwards to
the adjoining HyperMart. Scary. Who would have thought that here on
[insert name of one of the most remote islands you can think of] we
would have places like this? Our research team is living pretty simply in
some ways, but they get to many of their appointments riding on the
back of their friends' motorcycles, and make most arrangements by
sending text messages.

On the other hand, many aspects of traditional life remain. For example,
we have to be in by 6:00 every night, evening prayers. That is when
the ghosts and jinn are out.

There's a goodbye party in less than an hour. I believe we are all
supposed to give speeches. And tonight we meet to give a full report
to the guy who is basically the mayor of the neighborhood. I'm a bit
antsy about that.

Leaving here in less than 48 hours.

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Megan Noel said...

ooh, i could have been sending you text messages all that time? i am the least cool person at work, i don't have anyone to text message. of course all the geeks i know are usually logged onto a BBS all the time so perhaps it becomes a bit moot, i don't know...