Thursday, August 14, 2008

Acquainted with Airports

It's been quite a month, you know, shuttling back and forth between islands - from leaving Denver to arriving back again I racked up 14 flights. Most not eligible for any of my frequent flier plans, alas! But I'll comfort (!) myself with this - thanks to jet fuel consumption, I have a bigger carbon footprint than any wannabe-environmentalist I know...

Yes, 2008 has definitely been a year for travel. I decided to figure out how much, and here's what I came up with.

- Two trips home to the NW to spend time with friends, family, and supporters; one just a few days, the other several weeks long - but cut short by (what else?) a surprise trip, this one to Indiana for my grandfather's funeral.
- Public-speaking trips to Phoenix, San Diego, and Indianapolis.
- A work-related conference in Thailand and two smaller ones in Orlando and Dallas.
- A trip to Wheaton to help train short-term teams.

... and then, spending the last month in SE Asia.

All in all it looks like I've been on 35 flights this year, and I'm not done yet. What's more startling is this statistic: how many days I've been away from home, out of state.

January: 11 days
February: 10 days
March: 8 days
April: 23 days
May: 0 days?
June: 11 days
July: 21 days
August: 12 days

Total: 96 days? - that is to say, 42% of the year. I've never tracked this before so I don't know if that's a personal record. It's a lot though.


Paul Merrill said...

Aaah, but at least jet fuel is highly-refined fossil fuel - among the finest fuels available.

Welcome back to CO & cool those heels a bit.

Megan Noel said...

wow, you could work here. (not that i travel, but for the folks that do, you know. they are gone a lot!

i am hoping to do a chihuly trip (my 1st in 13 years if you don't count mercer island, shelton, and tacoma) to AZ right around our b-day. maybe we could meet there! if i get to go, etc etc. anyway, 72* is the average nov high, i think that sounds fine. i love the desert.