Thursday, July 10, 2008


My fun but unnecessary new travel gadgets from Rick Steves came today. My suitcase, packed last night, weighed in at 13 kilos - under the limit.

No, I'm not ready for all that that the next few weeks hold, but I'll get on that plane at 6:00 pm Friday and let the chips fall where they may. See you in mid-August, if not before.

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hkpk1 said...

Marti -
Much love & many good thoughts go with you as you travel these next weeks. You will soon be boarding the plane for Bali - I have only traveled overseas twice; I remember the long flight and strange/abstract weariness that claimed me near the end of the flight. I will definitely pray for rest for you ... and add an Amen to the prayer requests you shared! Be safe, Helen