Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Billy Graham, Training, etc.

Did you know Billy Graham came here to Wheaton to study anthropology? True. Seems he didn't finish though - a pastorate came up and he left school to take it, though he moved on to an evangelistic ministry before long. Friday I went and toured the museum at the Billy Graham Center. It was pretty good. Not all about BG; there was a good display on the history of evangelism in America, and quite a bit of religious art as well. But a lot of it unfolded the life and work of Billy Graham. Included a lot of video footage, pictures. I had to kind of laugh at the sort-of "So send I you!" charge at the end. Must have an altar call!

Made the mistake of slipping over the campus bookstore for a bit, on Monday. Too tempting! They have a great collection of works by some of my favorite authors, and the school also provides a home for some of their archives.

S., my colleague, friend, and this week, roommate - who is flying off to Asia for the summer on Friday - was sick all day yesterday with something like the flu; several others had it as well. And now I've got it. But I'm thinking my case is milder. I'm skipping morning sessions but don't anticipate having problems tomorrow when I have to teach all day.

Yesterday I showed the team members the 30-minute video we have explaining how team-based cross-cultural research works. They were psyched. Whew!

Thus far I've been providing training more 'informally.' Lots of emails the two weeks before we got here along the lines of 'what to expect.' Here, Q&A over meals, etc. They won't actually get most of the nuts and bolts until they are on the field but I'm going to do all the foundational stuff tomorrow. E. will pick it up from there when they arrive in SE Asia. He only has 48 hours with them. We've got a good plan, though. Helps that E. is brilliant, as well as patient and able to teach.

Almost certain I will fly out and join them on the field to help them finish well. Since one team finishes a few weeks before the other one, it may mean almost a month in SE Asia.

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