Monday, April 14, 2008

Spring "Break"

"get away"
"get some rest"
"work out and go for walks"
"catch up on neglected writing projects"
"clean out my inbox"
"teach at my home church"
"see people I've lost touch with"
"get my head straightened out"

For good measure, add:

"be pleasant and available"
"help my mother"
"try to be useful around the house"

Good goals, perhaps. But when I try to do them all at once it's hard to see much progress in any of them. Frustration is good for at least one thing, though - it's not so hard to get in-touch with the feelings that led me to put "get my head straightened out" on the list. I find the most (and sometimes only) effective motivation for changing the way I live my life is unwillingness to accept the way things are. When things are working OK, I'm not willing to open myself up for examination, to make that best and most terrible of journeys, the journey within. (Hmmm, hope that doesn't sound too melodramatic...)

1 comment:

Paul Merrill said...

I'm thankful that God gives us cycles. (And I don't mean bicycles.) I had a depressing 3-5 days & now I'm feeling better.

I hope that journey within doesn't seem so daunting - tomorrow, maybe.