Sunday, March 30, 2008

Sandhill Cranes

Enjoyed my trip to our agency's headquarters in Florida this last week. It was a nice time of year to be there; no storms or bugs. The place I stayed for the final evening of my visit was in a very "Southern" looking neighborhood, with charming houses shadowed by enormous, moss-covered trees.

Taking the dog out the back door for a walk I found a lovely little lake being enjoyed by a sizable flock of ducks. The next morning the dog was straining and barking toward something in the tops of the trees and took no notice of the half dozen large and lanky cranes that gathered about ten yards away.

Eventually they started flapping their wings, calling out, and jumping a few feet straight up in the air (we pay millions for airplanes that can do that!) I wondered what it meant, but they didn't say ; - ) And they didn't attack or fly away. Remarkable creatures.


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