Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Making the Rounds

Today I'm in Enumclaw, WA, "The Gateway to Mount Rainer." Yes, home in WA for a week, visiting family, friends, supporters. I was dreading the trip a bit, having to find the words to respond to, "sounds like it's been a difficult year for you"! Yup. It has.

I don't know if I could have done this sooner but it hasn't been as hard as it might have been.

Getting Face Time

Tell you what's been difficult, though: getting appointments with people. Every year people seem busier.

Every year I've been gone we also grow a bit more apart in most cases. So spending time together can seem forced. Sometimes the camaraderie comes back. In others the magic seems a bit gone, but who knows: having left the door open may mean it will be there next time. Sometimes I leave subtly disappointed, wondering why I made such a point of getting together or if I did or said something wrong, missed the point of connection that might have been there. Ah well: nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Of course, getting time with people is also made more difficult by the awkwardness and reluctance I feel about asking for those appointments - especially making the phone calls; usually it requires several phone calls or emails to arrange an appointment, and I seldom start soon enough or follow through very well.

My Admin Fantasy

Found myself fantasizing about having a secretary who could make my calls, set up my schedule, book my travel, get the directions, keep my files organized - none of which are my strengths. Alas, Christian women do not HAVE secretaries, they ARE secretaries, so I may never experience the luxury of having someone to help me succeed in those ways. Still, I'll add it to my wish list. Some day: a personal assistant. Oh, I'm not greedy - I'll happily share one!

Meanwhile, I wonder if this 'problem' is one of those things that has both complicated/expensive solutions, and easy/cheap ones. Like the problem of not getting enough sunlight: you can sell your house, buy a new one, move to a sunnier climate - or you can get more lamps and paint your walls. Might do the trick. Or say you are not handy around the house: you can despair wishing for a spouse, or you can learn to cook and clean / find a handyman. Neither is very difficult.

Already, technology has made many of the things I'd want an assistant for a lot easier. Maybe there are additional tools out there that could make my life easier, just as my mobile phone, laptop computer, and wireless internet connection have done?

Northwest Climate

Today I've seen some sunshine but it tends to be pretty damp, gray, and cold here. The winter coat I've only worn once this year in Denver is a staple here. Also, I'm reminded that Northwest people are a bit different from people you'll meet elsewhere. There's an advertising campaign currently blanketing the region which demonstrates that well. Take a look at the accompanying website here. I thought it was quite funny.

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