Thursday, October 25, 2007

One More Artist - OK, Two More!

I like this artist, David Drummond and bought a set of cards with his watercolor paintings of - is it Lake Powell? Does it really look like this? Remind me to visit someday!

Picked up a Georgia O'Keefe print to replace the aging, faded, Monet poster that's been hanging in our living room. Turns out the Monet was already there when Deb moved in, what, a dozen years ago? And I always thought it was hers! But she agreed to let "Lake George, Early Moonrise, Spring 1930" replace it.


Anonymous said...

georgia is one of my favorite painters. i like the poster you chose.

Paul Merrill said...

I enjoyed visiting Georgia's museum several years ago with Tom King.

And your living room wall is happy for the change, I'm sure.

A Kenyan friend once said, "A change is as good as a rest." Heather & I always quote that to each other - with a chuckle.