Saturday, October 20, 2007

Click Here for Pictures

Still in Taos - taking the mountain road to Santa Fe today. Art, food, nature, architecture - all beautiful and pleasant - so it's refreshing. And the fact that my cell phone gets no coverage here is strangely comforting. Though it's nice to have wireless access and a laptop.

Megan and I are not getting on well, though, and that's a disappointment.

For pictures from our trip to New Mexico, see my sister's flikr site, here.


Dad said...

Nice Pictures. Hope all is well.

Paul Merrill said...

Looks like you've had a lot of sunshine there. Very cloudy here in Kansas City - but free wifi in the airport! Off to Denver in a few minutes.

Julie in SEA said...

Marti, I checked out the photos from Megan. Hope your time gets better-in Seattle now? Scenery looks beautifu! Did I tell you Dave & I went to Angel Fire/Taos/Santa Fe for our honeymoon 21 yrs ago? August, so perhaps not as picturesque as your current trip. Good memories—hope you're eating some green chili. One critique: where's the photo of all 3 of you ladies together?? Take care hope the sun keeps shining. Glad you're doing this trip!

Marti Smith said...

Jules - stopped by the Dry Creek office and grabbed a friend to take a few shots of us together, thanks for the critique!

Yes, it was a beautiful trip. Just put Meg and Mom on the plane back to Seattle; I stay here. Will go up there for about a week around Thanksgiving though.

Sadly, not much great New Mexican food. Meg can't have wheat, Mom avoids corn, neither likes spice or anything fried - Mom and I are cheap, Meg likes to splurge - Mom can't walk far, Megan was sick and had problems with the altitude - We all wanted to see each other's needs met but it was quite difficult.