Sunday, August 26, 2007

Chasing Rainbows

Rocky Mountain
Balloon Festival

Chatfield Reservoir
August 25-26, 2007


Orrange said...

wow, you got up early enought to GO to this!? We thought about it.. but as I rolled out of bed at 9am we realized we were about 2 hours too late. So, we've consoled brooklyn by showing her pictures online. Apparently that's enough to satisfy her. :)

Marti Smith said...

Well, I showed up at 8:10 Saturday a.m. and everybody was leaving; show over! Decided to give it another try and went Sunday at 6:45... still late enough that I had to park kind of far away from my chosen viewing spot, but I didn't really miss anything showing up at that time. Most of the excitement was done by 7:45. Some people had come with/on bikes, ready to 'do' Deer Creek Canyon Road or other popular rides around there; others had clearly pulled the kiddoes up in their pajamas to go.