Saturday, September 12, 2015

Made It to the Atlantic Coast

This summer, we traveled from the Pacific to the Atlantic!
In the last family update sent to all the folks on our mailing list, we reported that two days before we left Oregon on a 3.5-week journey to South Carolina, we got a call from the hospital whose invitation to join their chaplain residency program had motivated the 3,000-mile trek in the first place. The program was off. We sensed God’s guidance to go ahead with the move anyway.

Now get this: Two days after we pulled into town, Chris learned that the hospital had just created two new positions for the chaplains they had to have, residency program or no, and they wanted to fill them fast. Before the week was out Chris had met with the staff, filled out an application, been interviewed, was offered a job, and took it. We’re praising God for providing!
  • A job where Chris can take his next steps as a chaplain and minister to people in need.
  • A great place to live on campus at Columbia International University.
  • A warm welcome and the start of friendships on campus, in the community, and in a local church.
Read more about our trip across country and what we’re doing now in our September Newsletter.