Saturday, October 04, 2014

Autumn in Japan

Thought some of you might enjoy this look at fall, coming to us from the other side of the Pacific: 
Mount Fuji in autumn

"Kyoto and its royal courts were once strictly regulated by the changing seasons - many of the ancient traditions still exist.
  • Shokuyoku no aki (time of hearty appetites) so as the heat dies down, the Japanese enjoy culinary treats such as maple leaves in tempura
  • Tsukimi (moon viewing) when people stand on a hill with lashings of tea to view the harvest moon which is thought to be larger and more radiant than at any other time
  • Dokusho no aki (autumn reading) because the shorter days make one more reflective than during the brassier days of summer
  • Supotsu no aki (autumn sport) as students enjoy the "crisp autumn air," despite the fact that typhoon season makes early autumn here anything but crisp"
Source: Why Japan's beaches are deserted - despite the sunshine (BBC News Magazine)

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